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Westmoor High School

The Westmoor Red Cross Club became active in the 2005-2006 school year. The club started off strong with a very successful Club Fair where many new members were recruited. The club participated in Westmoor High's International Food Days and even organized a First Aid class to be given by their club sponsors, who were both First Aid certified.

Problems arose when the club's sponsors left Westmoor unexpectedly. The club officers worked hard to find a new sponsor, but shortly after finding one, encountered yet another setback when they learned that she too would be leaving Westmoor at the end of the year.

This year, the Westmoor Red Cross Club has a new advisor who is excited to help support the club. They are working on new projects such as an HIV/AIDS Awareness Day for their school on World AIDS Day (December 1st), and are planning to have a CPR class in early January. Congratulations to the Westmoor High Red Cross Club for overcoming so many setbacks and for being this month's Club Of The Month!

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Photos: Gene Dailey, Elena Fava Emerson, Bonnie Gillespie.