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Ready When the Time Comes (RWTC) is an American Red Cross volunteer involvement program that utilizes the valuable human resources of corporate America. The Red Cross trains employees from partnering corporations and mobilizes them as a community-based volunteer force when disaster strikes.

Volunteers who are trained and ready to help in times of disasters are always needed. The Red Cross is offering the RWTC program to companies to engage and train committed teams of employee volunteers to respond to local disasters.

RWTC volunteers are trained in the following areas of services:

  • Sheltering
  • Mass Care and Feeding
  • Disaster Assessment
  • National Call Center
  • Preparedness Presenters (Trainers)
  • Other services, as needed by the local Red Cross Chapter

RWTC is a mutually beneficial partnership that:

  • Provides a way for companies to be involved in their communities by responding to community needs after disaster.
  • Associates a company's name and brand with the American Red Cross one of the world's most trusted charitable organizations.
  • Allows companies to give back to their communities in a unique and visible way. Employees teams are deployed to provide assistance during times of disaster, whether it s a natural disaster like a fire, flood, blizzard, earthquake, tornado or hurricane, or a human-caused disaster.
  • Gives employees an opportunity to volunteer to meet a high-priority local need. Employee volunteer programs are an excellent way to motivate employees, to build leadership and management skills to encourage teamwork.

For more information please contact Rita Chick at chickr@usa.redcross.org.

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