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Each agency or organization has a unique set of skills and time commitments required of their volunteers. Following are a list of questions to help you decide if the American Red Cross is an appropriate place for you. This self-assessment is for your planning purpose/decision making alone. Be completely honest. Discuss your decision with the important people in your life. Remember that volunteering is a commitment. It is important to find the right place to make that commitment.

  1. Often people with good intentions are just too busy to volunteer. Too often volunteers will have great intentions but are unable to follow through with their commitment. Unfortunately, this results in victims not receiving immediate assistance, blood not being collected or lifesaving classes not being taught.
    Do you have room in your life for another commitment?

  2. The American Red Cross is seeking volunteers who are responsible and reliable. Your assignments will often vary in where they are located and the amount of time required to complete them.
    Is your schedule flexible enough to accommodate this commitment?

  3. Many Red Cross opportunities require that you take classes before beginning volunteering. This training often requires travel to different areas.
    Are you willing to take the necessary training in timely manner?

  4. Volunteering for the American Red Cross involves working with people of different ages, sexes, socioeconomic, cultural, racial, ethnic, religious and educational backgrounds.
    Are you comfortable with people who are different from yourself?

  5. Typically, the individuals who have been and continue to be successful American Red Cross volunteers possess certain skills/characteristics.
    Do you consider yourself good at…
    Time management
    Team work
    Taking Initiative
    Follow up
    Working in stressful situations?

  6. Can you accept a Hardship assignment of 9 days to 3 weeks? Are you physically able to tolerate high heat, difficult living conditions and staff dorm living spaces?

Thanks for taking time to complete this assessment! If you answered yes to these five questions we encourage you to fill out our online inquiry form; you will be right at home here!

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