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Are you interested in serving on a four-person team, providing assistance in shelters for individuals and families that may have already suffered the effects of Hurricane Katrina, and may be further affected by future storms in 2006?

Unusual weather patterns predict that this hurricane season may be worse than last year. The Gulf Region may be hard hit again by storms. Many families dislocated by Hurricane Katrina are still living within temporary housing, including FEMA trailers in and around the state of Louisiana. At any sign of a storm, families and communities, specifically within the state of Louisiana, may be evacuated into shelters. In anticipation of storms hitting the Gulf Region, Red Cross Chapters nationwide are reaching out to community members that have an interest in being trained to assist now. Becoming trained now will also prepare you to help within the Bay Area as part of our Catastrophic Response to any major disasters that may happen here.

The Red Cross is looking for volunteers to serve at least two weeks (14 days), to provide assistance in shelters in the state of Louisiana between the dates of August 26 and October 15, 2019.

Members of non-profits, faith-based groups, businesses and civic organizations are welcome to apply, and be placed in teams to deploy together.

This is an urgent initiative. Sign-up for training today.

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It's what we do. The American Red Cross works within communities, providing relief to people who have suffered a disaster. We also help people prevent, prepare for and respond to a variety of emergencies. With your help, the promise of neighbor helping neighbor in times of trouble becomes a reality and our communities become safer places to live.

When fire strikes an apartment building in Oakland or a single family home in San Mateo, or an earthquake devastates the Bay Area, the American Red Cross is often the first to respond with comfort and assistance. A family's world has just disappeared in smoke and, in their darkest hour, Red Cross volunteers give them the support they need to restore their hope—and their lives.

But disaster response isn't all we do. There are so many ways you can help save lives. Be a hero and get involved!

  1. To volunteer please do our self assessment first. This will help you decide if the Red Cross is a good fit for you.

  2. Next fill out our volunteer inquiry form online or call 415-427-8052.

  3. Once you've filled out our online inquiry form we will contact you with information about attending one of our Volunteer Orientation sessions.

*Please note we ask for a minimum of three months commitment for most of our volunteer positions and 6 months for some of our positions.


Click here to start your background check.

Beginning July 2006, all Red Cross employees and volunteers must undergo background checks through MyBackgroundCheck.com. This does not apply to volunteers that have already done their background checks through Choicepoint. If you are a Red Cross volunteer who has never received a Red Cross background check, you must do so before October 31, 2019. This new initiative will help bring consistency to our background check program and emphasize our organization's commitment to providing the highest quality of service to customers and donors. To find out more please check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

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