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Please view our podcast and learn how to prepare yourself and your loved ones today!

Will you be ready when disaster strikes the Bay Area?

Disaster can strike quickly, anytime day or night—and often without warning. It can separate you from your loved ones, force you to evacuate, or confine you to your home. With a disaster plan, supplies, and safety training, you will be ready to take care of yourself and your family.

This 19-minute video is part of a disaster preparedness training developed in collaboration by DHR, DEM, and the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter. Watch it and learn the American Red Cross' three basic steps to disaster preparedness: Make a Plan, Get a Kit, and Be Informed & Get Trained.

Thank you for participating! After completing the video, please fill out the form below and include your DSW (Disaster Service Worker) ID number to ensure you receive credit for completing this podcast. If you do not know what your DSW# is, contact your Human Resources representative or email Your information will NOT be shared or sold.

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Special thanks to the Alameda Fire Department and Alameda Power and Telecom, who produced this video about disaster preparedness in conjunction with the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter.

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