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Today, Latinos comprise nearly 30% of the population in the Bay Area, and it is expected that this percentage will grow even more in the next ten years. In light of these changes in the composition of the Bay Area's population, the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter created a special program to better serve the needs of the growing Latino Community.

The main objective of the Latino Community Preparedness program is to reach individuals in the Latino/Spanish-speaking community of the Bay Area, to inform them about potential disaster risks, and offer education on how to prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies.

The program was designed to ensure that the American Red Cross serves the Latino/Spanish speaking community in a culturally sensitive way. That is, taking in account cultural differences and language competency.

The Latino Community Preparedness Program is expanding and increasing the number of services adapted and translated in order to better serve the Latino Community.

Services and resources available for Spanish-speaking individuals today:

Special Events:

  • Un Sábado por la Familia

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