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11/15/2007 - In the Maldives, the Birth of a Movement
With training from the American Red Cross, volunteers in the Maldives have learned to organize responses to local disasters rather than wait for outside assistance.
11/13/2007 - A Glimpse of City Life, and Perhaps the Future
A Red Cross project teaching the importance of sanitation and hygiene is also opening children’s eyes to new horizons.
11/13/2007 - Red Cross Earns Four-Star Rating from Watchdog
The American Red Cross has been awarded a four-star rating for the sixth straight year by Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator and watchdog of the nation’s nonprofit sector.
11/12/2019 - Donuts and Coffee: The Red Cross Canteen Service
As America's World War II veterans gather this weekend to celebrate their achievements and reminisce about their military service, more than a few conversations will include fond words about Red Cross "doughnut dollies."
11/10/2019 - Red Cross President Tours Flooded Region
The president of the American Red Cross, Mark W. Everson, got a first-hand look yesterday at the devastation in the flooded regions of Southern Mexico.
11/9/2019 - Roots with the Military Run Deep
When asked what they know about the American Red Cross, people typically say it provides disaster relief services and conducts blood drives. But those who visit Red Cross headquarters in Washington, D.C., and gaze at the neoclassical marble buildings and bronze memorials will come away with a different impression—of an organization rooted in service to the military forces of the United States.
11/9/2019 - Red Cross Seeks Support from Facebook Users
Today is the last day to vote to help the Red Cross assist people in need.
11/8/2019 - Red Cross Provides ‘Family Touch’ to Veterans
Veterans Day is a time to remember those who have served in our nation’s military, including Red Cross volunteers who have worked alongside our troops since 1898.
11/8/2019 - Partners Pitch In to Provide Wildfire Relief
The recent Southern California wildfires forced more than half a million people from their homes, the largest evacuation in the history of the region. Meanwhile, firefighters and other emergency response and relief personnel converged on the area, moving from community to community as the fires, fanned by Santa Ana winds gusting to more than 100 miles per hour in some locations, spread quickly.
11/8/2019 - $500,000 Pledged for Flood Relief in Mexico
The American Red Cross is responding to the severe flooding in Southern Mexico by providing $500,000 in financial assistance and supplies, and the organization's president, Mark W. Everson, will visit the affected area tomorrow to get a first-hand look at the devastation.
11/8/2019 - Red Cross Serves as Backdrop for CPR Training
When the producers of Good Morning America needed the perfect setting to showcase the latest in high-tech lifesaving, they turned to—who else?—the American Red Cross.
11/7/2019 - Business Partnership Proves Invaluable in Wildfire Response
A partnership forged recently between the Business Roundtable and the American Red Cross has proven to be a critical asset to the wildfire relief efforts in Southern California.
11/6/2019 - Protect Your Future by Preparing Today

Like most people, Jim and Larki Cook didn’t think a disaster could happen to them.With the Southern California wildfires raging toward them, the Cooks knew they had to evacuate—fast. It was only then that they began packing their valuable belongings.

11/5/2019 - Bound for Iraq, but Taking Memories of Home
A stuffed animal, a photo album of friends and family, a favorite type of coffee—these are the kinds of things that help impart a sense of security and familiarity in a strange new environment. For six American Red Cross employees who will soon be deployed to Iraq, they are reminders of home.
11/5/2019 - Red Cross President Thanks Relief Workers for Wildfire Effort
I have just returned from my second trip to Southern California since the wildfires broke out two weeks ago. While there is still much work to do, I can report the American Red Cross has performed well in responding to the largest evacuation in California history and our largest relief operation in more than two years.
11/4/2019 - Volunteer Heads to Mexico to Assist Flood Response
The American Red Cross is sending a volunteer to Mexico to support flood relief efforts by the Mexican Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
11/2/2019 - Corporate Partners Aid Response to Wildfires

A telephone was put in by the Oregon Telephone Company, electric lights supplied by the General Electric Company, chairs, tables and other furnishings provided by the business houses of the city. The Singer Machine Company sent sewing machines for the use of the supply committee and work began in earnest.

            --- Clara Barton, The Red Cross: A History of this Remarkable International Movement in the Interest of Humanity (1898)

11/1/2019 - Water Means Life for Poor Fishing Villages
It is difficult to imagine a less glamorous spot on Earth than Soi Payang. A cluster of ramshackle houses sit on a dirt path off a rocky track, barely accessible by road. The earth is waterlogged, the air is fetid, and mosquitoes are biting even at 3:00 p.m. The glitzy hotels of Phuket, Thailand’s tourist resort island, are just a few miles away, but economically and culturally the two places are worlds apart.
10/31/2007 - Amid the Devastation, a Volunteer Spreads Cheer
Snaking up the winding mountain roads of the San Bernardino National Forest, Okay Hill carefully maneuvers the emergency response vehicle (ERV) into areas devastated by the Grass Valley fire. In the back of the vehicle sit cases of bottled water and boxes of snacks, nourishment for weary firefighters, utility workers and police officers.
10/30/2007 - Governor Thanks Red Cross at Shelter Visit
 All eyes in Southern California have been on the wildfires, but for one day last week, they were on a Red Cross shelter.
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