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6/30/2010 - Red Cross Moving Supplies and Workers to South Texas as Hurricane Alex Nears the Coast
As Hurricane Alex churns throug the Gulf of Mexico toward south Texas and Mexico, the American Red Cross is positioning workers, shelter and feeding equipment and emergency vehicles in Texas.
6/21/2010 - Asian Community Preparedness Trains the Consulate for the People’s Republic of China

On Tuesday, June 1, 2019, the Asian Community Preparedness department headed off to the Consulate for the People’s Republic of China located in San Francisco. For over an hour, Sophia Wong delivered a highly informative disaster preparedness presentation to more than 60 of the consulate’s workers and their families. Many of those in the audience were learning about preventative and potentially lifesaving information about how to prepare for disasters such as earthquakes for the first time in their lives.

6/21/2010 - A New Twist on Personalizing your Disaster Survival Kit
Every day, volunteer preparedness instructors are explaining what goes in to a disaster survival kit. We talk about non-perishable foods, cans of tuna, peanut butter and other foods that store well when there is no electricity for refrigeration.
6/21/2010 - Health and Safety Instructor Dennis Kim Makes a Difference in Retirement

As a retired war veteran in his native state of Hawaii, Dennis Kim knew that he wanted to spend his retirement helping others and making a difference. In 1993 he approached the American Red Cross Hawaii State Chapter, asking what he could do to help. The chapter sent him to instructor training, and he was later able to become an instructor for lifeguarding, CPR and first aid.

6/14/2010 - Red Cross Survey Finds More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Experience a Summer Emergency
A new Red Cross survey shows that 68 percent of Americans have been involved in some kind of summer emergency, ranging from insect bites, heat stroke and broken bones to more life-threatening situations. One in every four people say they have been in a situation where someone needed CPR.

Americans plan to be very active this summer, as the survey found that more than 40 percent will go hiking or camping and almost 75 percent will go swimming. While people expect to be on the go, the Red Cross found that many were not confident they knew what to do in an emergency - less than two-thirds felt confident helping a heat stroke victim and fewer than half could help someone with an allergic reaction to an insect or snake bite.
5/18/2010 - American Red Cross Responds to Severe Flooding in the South

The American Red Cross is currently responding to severe flooding in the south. Red Cross teams are providing food and shelter to people throughout the south who have been forced out of their homes after two severe weather systems spawned flooding and tornadoes in Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi. The Red Cross has opened more than two dozen shelters so far.

5/12/2019 - American Red Cross Continues Response to Devastating Tornadoes and Flooding in the South and Midwest

From the plains of the Midwest to the deep south, the American Red Cross is providing a safe place to stay and relief supplies for thousands of people displaced by tornadoes and floods. As relief operations continue full force in Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama, the Red Cross has also opened shelters in Oklahoma after last night’s tornadoes.

4/30/2010 - Four Generations of the Jeong Family Provide Immense Support to the American Red Cross

Long-time Red Cross volunteer Audrey Jeong makes it her mission to make the Red Cross her number one charitable priority, and ensures that her children and grandchildren do the same. The Jeong family is involved with the Red Cross across four generations.


4/23/2010 - Red Cross Commemorates 1906 Earthquake by Urging People to Get Prepared Now

American Red Cross Bay Area President and CEO Harold Brooks was present at a press conference on April 13 while Mayor Gavin Newsom and Board of Supervisors President David Chiu commemorated the devastating1906 earthquake in the Bay Area. Speakers at the press conference highlighted the importance of getting prepared for the next major earthquake in the Bay Area.

4/23/2010 - Chinatown Community Gets Ready for Disaster at Youth-led Preparedness Fair

Top city officials and community advocates gathered on April 1 at Portsmouth Square Recreation Center in San Francisco’s Chinatown to launch the first annual Chinatown Preparedness Fair to enhance the readiness efforts actively taking shape in this local community. The fair, led by Youth for Chinese Elderly (YCE) volunteers on their spring break, attracted hundreds of people and featured speakers including David Chiu, President of the Board of Supervisors, Vicki Hennessy, Executive Director of the Department of Emergency Management and other local leaders who commended the American Red Cross and partners who collaborate to prepare this community for disaster.

4/16/2010 - American Red Cross Response in Haiti: A Three-Month Progress Report

While signs of aid can be seen throughout Haiti, three months after the devastating earthquake that struck the island nation, there is no question that needs remain great. Earthquake survivors will no doubt face additional threats with the arrival of the rainy season this month and, later this summer, hurricane season.

4/14/2010 - Red Cross Begins Response to Devastating Earthquake in China
On April 14 a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck northwest China’s Qinghai Province. It’s epicenter is calculated to be about 500 miles away from the capitol of Qinghai Province. Eighteen aftershocks were recorded, the largest one measuring a magnitude of 6.3. More than 400 people are feared dead, and more than 10,000 injured. Ninety percent of the houses in Yushu county have been destroyed, and the number of people affected is expected to rise.
4/13/2010 - Remembering the 1906 Earthquake

On Wednesday, April 18, 2019 at 5:12 a.m. a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck San Francisco and the coast of Northern California along the San Andreas Fault. The earthquake and resulting fire are remembered as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States, resulting in more than 3,000 deaths and the destruction of 80% of the city.


4/10/2019 - Kaiser Permanente Partners with Red Cross to Train Underserved Populations
For the third year in a row, Kaiser Permanente has helped the Red Cross provide free CPR training to thousands in the Bay Area as the signature sponsor of CPR Saturday, which took place on March 13.
4/9/2019 - Join the NERT Team and Support Your Community

Are you a NERT? Director of Preparedness at the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter, Emily White, is! White just began a six-week Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) training course in the Mission district of San Francisco and encourages everyone to join the fun.

4/9/2019 - Red Cross Reconnects Childhood Friends Torn Apart by Holocaust
In 1939, Walter Ullmann and his family fled Germany to escape Nazi persecution. Ullmann left behind a dear childhood friend, Elfriede Haas. One day last year, Ullmann received an unexpected phone call – it was Haas, making contact after 70 years of separation.
4/2/2019 - Haiti Update: Looking to the Future

Nearly three months after the devastating earthquake that shook the island nation of Haiti, there is still much work to be done. The American Red Cross will continue to support earthquake survivors in the months and years ahead – until the last donated dollar is spent. The Red Cross’ Haiti Assistance Program, which will run for three-to-five years, will be multi-faceted, holistic and comprehensive. The program will bring multiple programs to each community in order to address the complex problems of those in need.

4/2/2019 - A View From the Field: American Red Cross Volunteer Eric Gordon Assists Victims of Flooding in New Jersey
As a Red Cross volunteer on disaster deployment, I was faced with a multitude of challenges. After a marathon travel day I found myself maneuvering a rental car through the twists and turns of the New Jersey freeway system en route to a morning meeting at the Disaster Relief Operation Job Headquarters in North Brunswick. On a normal day, I serve as an AmeriCorps NPRC member in the San Francisco Red Cross office. But this week, I was deployed to serve as a Public Affairs liaison in response to the extensive flooding that struck Central and Northern New Jersey.
4/1/2019 - April is Pet First Aid Month: Learn How to Take Care of Your Four-Legged Friend

April is Pet First Aid Month! Accidents and emergencies don't just happen to people. Learn how you can take care of your pet with a Red Cross cat and dog first aid course. The Red Cross can help you learn how to maintain your pet's health, put together a pet first aid kit, give medications, recognize emergencies and administer first aid care.

3/19/2010 - CPR Saturday Becomes Chapter's Largest Volunteer Mobilization
On March 13, the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter trained nearly 3,000 people throughout the Bay Area in CPR. This event was held at 10 sites, and included two sites in Spanish and one in Chinese, making it one of the region’s largest free CPR training events. The event aimed to provide people in our community with crucial lifesaving skills who could otherwise not afford training, or for whom language might pose a barrier.
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