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Red Cross Ready Rating Program
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Why prepare?
For businesses and organizations, being prepared for an emergency makes good business sense.

  • 15-40% of businesses fail following a disaser
  • 94% of small business owners believe a disaster could seriously disrupt their business within the next two years
  • 82% of employees agree it's important for their employer's emergency preparedness measures to be recognized by the American Red Cross

With a preparedness plan in place your organization can:

  • Minimize losses
  • Increase productivity
  • Gain trust



If an emergency strikes, will your organization be ready?

We can help each other to be ready for emergencies. A disaster can happen at any time, but preparedness and prevention are two elements within our control. Being ready for the inevitable is a shared responsibility that starts with each of us. The Red Cross Ready Rating Program works with businesses, organizations and schools to think ahead and join together to make our community a safer place.

What is the Red Cross Ready Rating Program?
The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter understands the "what if" is hard to think about. But emergencies are inevitable. The Ready Rating Program provides and easy framework for your organization to become better prepared with these five manageable and important steps:

  1. Join the Ready Rating Program
    Commit to steadily improve your organization's emergency readiness each year.
  2. Conduct a hazard vulnerability assessment.
    Gather information about possible emergencies that could impact your organization's capabilities to respond and recover.
  3. Develop an emergency response plan.
    Create a plan describing the steps your organization will take to protect your business and employees before, during and after an emergency.
  4. Implement your emergency response plan.
    Integrate preparedness into your corporate culture.
  5. Help your community get prepared.
    Commit to helping your community prepare for emergencies.

Take the first step by becoming a member of the Red Cross Ready Rating Program. It's free. It's easy. It's necessary.


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