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Your Gift at Work
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Annual Report 2008

You can see your gift at work in the eyes of a mother thankful for a warm bed, food and clothing for her children following the heartbreak of losing their home to a fire. Your gift is at work when someone saves a co-worker having a heart attack by performing CPR or when a family together builds a disaster kit and prepares for an earthquake.
Your gift contributes directly to those in need in our community. And, it ensures we’re all ready to face future disasters – from everyday emergencies to devastating events, like wildfires and earthquakes.
How Your Donation Helps
Locally, 79 cents of every dollar is spent by the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter is invested in humanitarian services and programs. Last year, the Red Cross provided the following services in the Bay Area.
  • Provided assistance to 2,678 people following a disaster
  • Trained 357,196 people in lifesaving first aid, CPR and disaster preparedness skills
  • Provided training to hundreds of new volunteers and community-based organizations to serve as disaster responders and shelter operators
  • Deployed more than 250 volunteers to provide relief in response to flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters to our neighbors across the nation and around the world
  • Connected 2,120 military families with their loved ones serving in the armed forces through our emergency communication services
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