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Support Your Clients
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When disaster hits, your clients are going to turn to your organization for support and guidance. Are you prepared to continue your organization’s operations and support your clients in the face of disaster? The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter can help get your clients and your organization ready.
Provide Training
Offer first aid, CPR and disaster preparedness training to your clients and give them the skills they need to minimize the effects disaster may have on them. Let a Red Cross instructor provide the training or develop your own training staff to offer Red Cross courses to your clients.

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Provide Relief Services
Get disaster responder training for your employees and volunteers, allowing them to safely operate a shelter or provide other relief services to your clients during a major disaster.

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Get Your Organization Prepared
Learn what steps you need to take to make your organization capable of continuing operations during disaster. Provide your employees with personal disaster preparedness training, so they’re able to help with your organization’s efforts following a disaster.

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