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Become a Health & Safety Instructor
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Thank you for taking an interest in becoming certified as an American Red Cross health and safety instructor. All instructors must be 16 years of age, demonstrate competence in a skills evaluation, complete the five-hour Red Cross Fundamentals of Instructor Training, and satisfy any other requirements neccessary for the corresponding instructor course. You can become an instructor to teach first aid and CPR/AED, lifeguarding or water safety.

For more information and current lists of Aquatics instructor classes (lifeguarding, water safety, etc.) please visit our Aquatics page.
Our "land-based" instructor program (versus the water-based Aquatics program) begins with the Lay Responder Instructor class.  Our Lay Responder curriculum is geared towards the average person and is the most common form of CPR/AED and First Aid taught.  You can move on to teaching higher levels of CPR such as CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, but you will notice that the Lay Responder Instructor course is often a prerequisite to other instructor courses.  Click here to see the ARC Instructor Hierarchy.

The Lay Responder Instructor Course

This course is a three-part, 17-hour course designed to teach you how to plan, organize, and conduct Red Cross Lay Responder First Aid and CPR/AED classes. 

All instructor candidates must complete the Fudamentals of Instructor Training (FIT) course prior to the Lay Responder instructor class.  

2) The Lay Responder Instructor class will begin with a mandatory CPR/AED/First Aid test that you must pass without assistance. If you are unable to perform CPR skills and pass the written test with a grade of 80% or higher you will forfeit your instructor class fees and will not be permitted to continue through the instructor training process. The skills portion of the test will include:
  • Removing disposable gloves
  • Checking a conscious adult, child, and infant
  • checking an unconscious adult, child and infant
  • conscious choking - adult, child and infant
  • rescue breathing - child and infant
  • CPR - adult, child and infant
  • unconscious choking - adult, child and infant
  • AED - adult and child
  • Controlling external bleeding
  • Splinting (You must demonstrate one of the four types of splint: sling & binder, soft, anatomic, or rigid)
The student is responsible for meeting the prerequisites for all instructor courses.

To Register for the Lay Responder Instructor Course
  1. We highly recommend completing a basic-level First Aid and Adult, Infant, and Child CPR course prior to taking your instructor course. Click here to search for a class near you.
  2. You can register for the Lay Responder Instructor course online or by phone by calling 1-888-4-HELP-BAY. Course fees are due at the time of registration. . Click here to search for a class near you.  For "Course Category" select "Instructor Training"
Other Instructor Courses we offer regularly:
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Emergency Response Instructor Course
Babysitter Instructor Course
Wilderness First Aid Instructor course
California Childcare Instructor course
Title 22 Instructor course
Lifeguarding Instructor Course
Water Safety Instructor Course
If you have questions or would like more information about becoming a health and safety instructor, please contact the instructor support team at hssupport@usa.redcross.org or (415) 427-8091

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