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Disaster Responder Training
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Interested in becoming a Red Cross volunteer? More Information 

Register in our Disaster Services Human Resources (DSHR) system. More Information

Responding to a disaster requires quick thinking and standardized operations. Volunteers who wish to respond both locally and nationally must be trained in advance, as there is little time for training during the disaster. When a disaster happens, we call on those who are trained to perform specific functions, from working in a shelter to serving meals in the field to working behind the scenes to support the relief work.
Disaster responder training is open to active volunteers who have completed the volunteer orientation process, are in the Disaster Services Human Resources System (DSHR), and have already completed the online Introduction to Disaster course and the Fulfilling Our Mission course. Disaster Training Course Schedule 
  • Are you an active Red Cross volunteer? If not, you can begin the process today to become a volunteer. More Information 
  • Are you a member of the Disaster Services Human Resources System (DSHR)? More Information
  • Have you taken the prerequisite disaster responder courses? They provide you with a basic understanding of disaster response within the Red Cross.
    • Disaster Services: An Overview – This class is part of your orientation with your county disaster services team.
Basic Disaster Services Courses
Basic disaster services courses provide volunteers with an overview of the skills and procedures necessary to participate as a disaster relief worker on local, regional and national disaster relief operations.
Intermediate/Advanced Disaster Services Courses
Intermediate and advanced disaster services courses are for experienced volunteers who are looking to further their involvement and to take on leadership positions on regional and national disaster relief operations. Many intermediate/advanced disaster services courses require a separate application be submitted that details your previous training and in-field experience.
Special Tracks
The following are special training tracks within the disaster responder courses.
If you have any questions regarding disaster responders training, please contact our disaster services training team at ARCBADSTraining@usa.redcross.org or (510) 595-4444.

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