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Brennan Banks: Red Cross Delegate from Bay Area Lends a Helping Hand in Belize and Kenya
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American Red Cross Bay Area residents provide relief for local and national disasters, but some also help continue these efforts internationally. Over the few years, the Bay Area’s Brennan Banks has dedicated a great portion of his time and energy to establishing disaster management programs in Belize and Eastern Africa through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Banks was deployed to Belize last year to create a national response plan for the Belize Red Cross. Upon completion Banks noted, “The plan was so warmly received that they have requested that I return to replicate the process at the community level.”
Late last year, Banks finished an assignment in Kenya at the Eastern Africa Zone Office as the disaster management delegate directing all disaster-related operations in the 14 countries which make up the zone. During his time there, Banks initiated three disaster relief emergency funds for humanitarian operations, helping refugees fleeing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He also monitored ongoing food insecurities in the horn of Africa and launching an emergency appeal for financial support requested by the Kenya Red Cross to support relief operations related to ongoing floods and tribal fighting. “The situation in Eastern Africa is internationally significant and deserves as much attention as possible,” said Banks.

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