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In overseas war and peacekeeping operations—such as the recent engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan—US service men and women often go for long or indefinite tours of duty without seeing or hearing their families and friends. To a father, a six month wait to see his newborn baby smile can seem an eternity.

The Red Cross Bay Area has now joined forces with AOL to help thousands of soldiers and staff stationed abroad to communicate "face-to-face" with their loved ones in the Bay Area. Project Video Connect enables troops in the field and their family members back home to exchange two-minute long video messages for free over the Internet.

"We are proud to bring this program to the Bay Area. We hope Project Video Connect will prove a powerful tool in helping families keep in touch during long months apart," says Joan Kelley-Williams, International and Social Services Director for the American Red Cross Bay Area.

The service uses a computer equipped with a video camera, an AOL Broadband Internet connection, and a special video-messaging program called VIDITalk.

We invite family members to schedule a videotaping appointment by calling (707)423-3648 or (415) 427-8064 or by email at: joan.kelley-williams@travis.af.mil. To use the service, you will need your service member's email address. If you are a dependent, please bring your Military Dependent Identification Card to your appointment.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Help keep in touch with our troops! Call 707-423-3648 for more info!

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