1. How do I get involved?
    You should contact the Volunteer Resources Department to discuss currently available opportunities for Disaster Services volunteers.

  2. How will I be trained?
    The American Red Cross offers 21 basic disaster training courses and 11 intermediate and advanced courses that are conducted throughout the Bay Area. This training prepares disaster workers for a wide variety of jobs including mass care, individual assistance, logistics, disaster health services, disaster mental health services, damage assessment and disaster management—just to name a few. Each disaster service volunteer will be assigned a volunteer guidance counselor, called a Coordinator of Disaster Volunteers (CDV). The CDV is responsible for guiding each volunteer through the training and career development process.

  3. Once I become a volunteer, can I help at large disasters around the country?
    When a large disaster happens anywhere in the United States, the local affected Red Cross chapters often require outside support. The Disaster Services Human Resources (DSHR) system deploys highly trained and experienced Red Cross disaster volunteers into affected areas to assist. To become part of the DSHR system, you'll need to take Red Cross disaster services training and gain some experience locally. If you're available, interested in serving for for three days or more within the state (or three weeks anywhere in the U.S.A.) and have the required local volunteer experience, you should sign up for the DSHR system. Find out more about DSHR through your county's Coordinator of Disaster Volunteers (CDV), or Disaster Manager.

Please see our list of local county Red Cross offices for contact information.

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