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Winter Generosity for San Bruno from the Japanese Community
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By Debbie Yee, Asian Community Preparedness, American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter
December 6, 2010
Over two months ago, San Bruno was rocked by an underground gas pipeline explosion. Although the recovery process has shifted to long-term, San Bruno residents continue to be in the thoughts of community members.
This sentiment was illustrated on November 15, when Hiroshi Haruki, the President of The Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California (JCCNC) and CEO of Fujitsu Management Services of America, Inc, visited the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter’s San Francisco headquarters with Japanese volunteers from the Asian Community Preparedness (ACP) department. On behalf of the JCCNC, Haruki presented  Susan Atherton, the chapter’s chair of the board of directors, with a check for $17,493 in continued support of the San Bruno fire victims. Haruki had appealed to companies that are a part of the JCCNC for donations after the San Bruno Fire occurred back in September. The top five companies that were a part of the huge outpouring of donations included Fujitsu, NEC Corp, Zenrin USA, IBM employees, and Nikon Precision Inc.
The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter would like to thank the JCCNC for their generosity in this season of giving, and the continued support provided by all to those affected by the San Bruno fire. ACP also wants to extend special thanks to Mizuki Nagae, Japanese volunteers lead, for her tireless and generous efforts in connecting the chapter with the Japanese community.

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