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Marin Interagency Disaster Coalition: “Not If, But When”
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By Pat Lewis, volunteer, American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter
November 1, 2010

The Marin Interagency Disaster Coalition (MIDC) and the Marin Volunteer

Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) held an event in San Rafael for local non-profit organizations and government agencies that discussed disaster management and emergency plans for Marin County.

Steve Hancock, emergency services manager of the City of San Rafael presented Disaster Management 101 at the meeting. Hancock explained how the emergency system works, starting with the local first responders on the scene. Inevitably, additional resources will be required, and when they do, the county, region, state and federal governments become engaged in an effort to protect human life, property and infrastructure. The goal was for community members and organizations to recognize what emergency needs might be missing.

Tessa Shvedoff, MIDC vice chair and Marin County Red Cross disaster manager, reviewed the MIDC emergency management plan by engaging our partners of MIDC, faith-based organizations, volunteer groups, non profits, private organizations and local governments, as they walked through a simulated disaster. The walk through also simulated an initial MIDC meeting set to take place three days after the emergency. The workshop was designed to review the MIDC Emergency Management Plan and to provide all partners with the type of information MIDC and local governments may be needing in order to quickly identify where the resource gaps are in our vulnerable communities, as well as who has resources to share in the event of an emergency.

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