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November is National Youth Involvement Month
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By: Alissa May, American Red Cross Bay Area
October 31, 2010
Red Cross youth across the country are demonstrating their leadership potential by finding new volunteer projects, sharing their volunteer experiences with others, staying active in their current programs, and reflecting on their experiences and moving forward.
This year's theme for national youth involvement month is "Get out and Volunteer!" The following schedule will help guide you through each week of November:
• Week 1: Get Active/Find a Volunteer Project
• Week 2: Spread The Word/ Track Your Volunteer Experience
• Week 3: Stay Active/ Finish a Project
• Week 4: Recap your Experience and Move Forward
Additionally, the Bay Area youth services team encourages youth and their supporters to celebrate this month's theme by participating in some of our upcoming events and activities. More detailed information about each of the events/activities can be found below:
• Adopt a Red Cross Club: If you and your school have already taken the first step in starting a club, you can now help a school near you do the same. We need your club to contact a school near you that doesn’t have a club and adopt them by sharing how you got where you are today with your RC club!
• Become a First Aid and Preparedness Instructor for Youth: Youth and adult volunteers come together for this three hour TTT workshop, which includes a review of our youth-targeted First Aid and Preparedness material as well as presenting tips for youth audiences.
• Course Action Contest: Sign your Red Cross Club up now to be a competitor for this prestigious title! Just choose a disaster-related issue from the provided list and use the Course Action website (www.courseaction.org/redcross) to come up with creative solutions.
Again, we encourage all youth and youth supporters to participate in this month’s theme! If you have any questions, please contact arcbayouth@usa.redcross.org. Thank you for participating in national youth involvement month.

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