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Red Cross Continues Relief Efforts for San Bruno Fire, Begins Long-Term Recovery Plans
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By Melanie Finke, American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter
September 28, 2010

Fast Facts (As of Sept. 27, 2010)

  • Affected Families Currently Being Assisted by the Red Cross = 383
  • Health Services Consultations = 739
  • Disaster Mental Health Consultations = 986
  • Meals & Snacks Served = 9,521
  • Cleaning Supplies Distributed = 803
  • Total Volunteers and Employees Working on the Operation = 171
On September 9, a main gas line ruptured and exploded igniting a San Bruno neighborhood, displacing hundreds of residents and causing several injuries and deaths. The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter has been assisting the affected residents, providing shelter, food and hydration, crisis counseling, health services and additional assistance to help with their recovery.
As of September 27, the Red Cross has met with and registered more than 383 families (more than 1,000 individuals) affected by the fire. These families are receiving assistance from the Red Cross to find alternative housing, replace lost items and create long-term recovery plans. Red Cross volunteers continue to conduct follow-up outreach to the affected families to discuss outstanding needs and initiate a long-term recovery process, ensuring that everyone has the assistance and support they require in the coming months.
Ongoing casework with the affected families is also taking place at the San Bruno Recovery Center, located at 900 Cherry Avenue, Suite 332, San Bruno. The San Bruno Recovery Center will serve as the location for long-term recovery, assistance and services for all affected residents of the San Bruno Fire. Along with the Red Cross, several nonprofit and government agencies are co-located at the San Bruno Recovery Center.
Throughout this response, the Red Cross has worked to encourage partnering, collaboration and coordination, supporting the City of San Bruno and the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN). The Red Cross will continue to use our resources to help with the longer-term recovery concerns in San Bruno, such as housing, health issues and other disaster recovery needs.
At the site of the explosion, debris removal of the destroyed and damaged homes continues. Red Cross volunteers remain in the affected neighborhood to provide snacks, hydration and emotional support to the families who have returned home, as well as first responders, workers and investigators.

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