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Thanks to Community Events Volunteers for Making the Red Cross Proud at Pride
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By Emily White, American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter
July 25, 2010

The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter participated in the Gay Pride Parade for the fourth year in a row and received local coverage for the first time on KOFY. This year's theme was “Sexy CPR.” Fifty volunteers and staff marched (and danced) alongside the Bay Responder dressed like nurses and CPR instructors and handed out goody bags filled with CPR discounts, preparedness brochures, pocket first aid kits and mints.

The chapter would like to thank everyone again for making us proud at Pride this year. You all really brought the theme to life (so to speak!).

We would like to extend a very special thanks to Michelle Montoya for orchestrating the whole event, bringing in an amazing, spirited crew of volunteers and for staying on board beyond her AmeriCorps term to ensure that it all went off without a hitch. I’d also like to share some love with Aaron Litwin for mentoring us and providing moral and technical support along the way, to Woody Baker-Cohn for wrangling the Beast (our float) - washing it before the event and putting it back together after some pieces fell off, to Patricia Murino and Brittani Polivka for the branded materials, to Neil Freese for screen-printing the t-shirts and serving as occasional CPR dummy on the parade route, to Ileah Paolinelli for bringing Neil back to life and for those hilarious dance moves that got us noticed on TV this year, to Liz Cabrera and Lawrence Lin for making the sound possible by donating equipment and expertise, to all the creative and wacky folks who helped us come up with those slogans, to everyone who had the chutzpa to wear one of those ridiculous costumes and to all of you for marching and supporting the effort and the local pride movement.

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