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Six Months Later . . . How the Red Cross is Helping in Haiti
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American Red Cross Progress Report
July 12, 2010
Six-Month Progress Report for the Red Cross Response in Haiti
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As part of its largest international response since the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the global Red Cross network has helped almost 2 million Haitians. In six months, the American Red Cross has spent and has signed agreements to spend $148.5 million to meet the most urgent needs of earthquake survivors. It will continue to support hundreds of thousands of additional survivors in the next several years until the last donated dollar is spent.

The global Red Cross network is providing:
  • Semi-permanent shelters to house 165,000 people
  • Cash grants and microloans to help nearly 210,000 people
  • Water for 280,000 people each day
  • Disaster preparedness activities to protect 500,000 people
  • Medical care and/or health education for 435,000 people
  • Emergency shelter materials for 625,000 people
  • Latrines for 238,000 people
  • Emergency supplies for 125,000 people for use during hurricane season
  • Food for 1.3 million people for one month
Read our Six Month Progress Report to learn more about our work in Haiti.

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