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March is Red Cross Month: Down the Street, Across the Country, Around the World
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By Caitlin Cobb, American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter
March 11, 2010

Red Cross disaster volunteer helps child after local disaster
Get Involved With the Red Cross

Give the Gift that Saves the Day: The work of the Red Cross would not be possible without the generous financial support of people like you. Your generosity will ensure that the Red Cross  continues to fulfill its mission now and into the future.

Give your Time to Save Your Community:
The Red Cross encourages individuals like you to volunteer, so together we can strengthen our community and make it resilient to disasters large and small. Join us.

Be the One Who Can Save the Day:
The Red Cross offers hundreds of courses a year to provide volunteers and members of our community to allow them to better serve their communities in the event of an emergency. Train with us today and learn how to save the day.

Give Your Blood to Save a Life: The need for units of blood is constant. Donating one pint of blood could save the life of another. Visit your local blood bank today.
With March proclaimed as Red Cross Month by President Barack Obama, now more than ever the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter would like to recognize and thank the supporters and volunteers whose efforts enable the Red Cross to respond to disasters down the street, across the country and around the world.

“The Red Cross works tirelessly to be there with help and hope when people need it most – and we are grateful for the public support that enables us to continue our work – here at home and abroad,” said Harold Brooks, President and CEO of the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter. “Our community and our nation depend on the Red Cross in times of need, and our chapter depends on the support of the people in the Bay Area to achieve its mission.”

Although major disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires capture national media headlines, the day-to-day work of the Red Cross takes place in local communities. In the past year, the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter responded to 362 local disasters and assisted 1,385 military families and trained 707,903 people in lifesaving skills.

“Red Cross Month is a great time for people to get involved with the Red Cross, whether it be donating blood; signing up for a CPR or first aid course, giving a financial gift that can really save the day, or getting involved as a volunteer,” Brooks added.

Franklin D. Roosevelt issued the first Red Cross Month proclamation in 1943, recognizing the American Red Cross as a true reflection of the humanitarian and volunteer spirit and calling on Americans to “rededicate themselves to the splendid aims and activities of the Red Cross.”

The American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter would like to thank all of its devoted supporters for generously donating their time and money to the Red Cross. We hope you will continue to help us further the movement in the future.

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