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Stringing Together Notes of Hope and Love
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Suma Pathy
December 4, 2006

Children have the power to improve the lives of people around them every day. In a myriad ways, we see the bright future and promise of young people, and on November 5, 2019 people of all ages were treated to a group of Cincinnati youth changing their world with music.

Stringing Together Notes of Hope and Love

Stringing Together Notes of Hope and Love

Some young Cincinnati musicians held a Music Marathon at the First United Church of Christ in College Hill, Cincinnati to raise funds for the Measles Initiative. The event was open to everyone, and tickets were available at the door for a donation.

The musical performances truly embraced the International Red Cross and Red Crescent principles of Neutrality, Humanity and Impartiality. Musical selections included pieces from all over the world. One of the primary focuses of this year's Music Marathon was to ensure that humanity was served, that it was all encompassing, as inclusive as possible, and made the world a better place to live.

The 400 plus attendees heard everything from Bach to original pieces about insects, performances by classical musicians and public school choirs, young virtuosos and more. Music Marathon 2006 raised more than $1,400 for the Measles Initiative. Young and old marked their calendar and helped these young musicians share the power of music from around the world, and in doing so helped save the lives of children around the world.

A reception was held following the individual and choir performances allowing the young music artists to mix and mingle with their audience and further explain how someone could send a gift of hope and life for less than a dollar. All those attending enjoyed a 3-hour musical performance and had the opportunity to realize they are global citizens.

The Measles Initiative, launched in 2001, is a partnership committed to reducing measles deaths globally, with the goal of cutting measles deaths by 90% by 2010 compared to 2000. During its first five years (2001-2005), the Initiative supported the vaccination of more than 217 million children in Africa, saving 1.2 million lives. Through these efforts, measles cases and deaths have dropped by 48% worldwide and by 60% in Africa, where measles deaths and disability are highest. Building on its success in Africa, the Initiative has expanded into Asia. The Initiative increasingly provides additional life-saving health interventions in its campaigns, including vitamin A, de-worming medicine and insecticide-treated nets for malaria prevention. The Measles Initiative has mobilized more than $308 million through 2006 to support campaigns in more than 43 countries in Africa and Asia. Leading these efforts are the American Red Cross, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United Nations Foundation, UNICEF and World Health Organization. For more information or to make a donation, log on to www.measlesinitiative.org.

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