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Storm-Weary Gulf States Keep Eye on Ike
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Jennifer Richmond
September 7, 2008

American Red Cross employees and volunteers continue to provide support to thousands of Gulf area and East Coast residents affected by Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna while keeping a wary eye on the path of Hurricane Ike.

American Red Cross volunteers Kelli Corkins and Charles Richardson conduct damage assessments at the Grove Park Apartment complex in Raleigh, NC.
Supriya Jindal, the wife of Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal assists with handing out food from a Red Cross ERV in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Local resident Patricia Holmes and her children were very appreciative of the hot meal and water. Being without power for several days, all their perishable food has spoiled and they are relying on the Red Cross for their meals.
Photo: Gene Dailey.

The Red Cross is encouraging residents from Texas to Florida to prepare for Ike, which is currently a dangerous Category 4 storm capable of wreaking major havoc over a large area.While the storm’s path is not yet clearly defined, the Red Cross is taking no chances and is working with state and federal officials to move nearly 800 people and preposition supplies to areas in the potential path of Ike. The most current track has Ike moving toward New Orleans at a time when previously evacuated residents are just beginning to move back into the area.

While approximately 4,000 people remain in Red Cross shelters after evacuating in advance of Hurricane Gustav, more than 600,000 have returned home to homes without power. The Red Cross is providing an average of 400,000 meals per day, as well as snacks, clean-up kits and more to those who have and are returning home. On Saturday, September 6, Louisiana First Lady Supriya Jindal joined Red Cross volunteers in New Orleans to deliver hot meals and snacks to grateful families and individuals coping with these difficult circumstances.

On the East Coast, the Red Cross is providing assistance to residents affected by power outages and flooding from Tropical Storm Hanna.

Residents in Gulf Coast states who may be in the potential path of Hurricane Ike are encouraged to prepare in advance for an evacuation order. Preparations include building a disaster supplies kit, filling your car’s gas tank, reviewing your evacuation plan and making a plan for evacuating pets.

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