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The Red Cross Video Diaries: Volume I
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Red Cross
July 2, 2008

Do you watch The Real World, Survivor and other reality TV shows?  If you do, you will soon become a follower of The Red Cross Video Diaries. 

Departure day

Last minute thoughts

Video cameras in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait let you peek into the daily lives of Red Cross workers providing on-the-ground services to U. S. field troops.  

Join Red Cross Service to Armed Forces worker Nicole Bishop as she waits to leave Ft. Benning, Georgia, for Iraq.  Her feet curl up, but she is determined that she and her feet will do what they can while deployed.

You will share a flight layover with helmeted Virginia Wright-Peterson, Debby Hutton and Garry Trotter.  Numb, excited, tired, and yet, still smiling, the three anticipate their next few months.  “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Tikrit we go,” Garry sings.

In Baghdad, Britany Reynolds hosts a tour of her room—a sparse cubicle in a trailer protected on the outside by a ring of concrete fortifications.  It is Britany’s first morning in Iraq, and her first mortar attack.

This Forth of July, people like Debby, Virginia, Garry, Britany and Nicole are deployed with U.S. troops.  They are packing the same equipment and living under the same field conditions.  For these Red Crossers, the sirens are not whistling fireworks, but instead warn of incoming missiles.  When the sky snaps and flashes, they do not applaud, they run for cover.

The Red Cross Video Diaries chronicle the lives of dedicated Red Cross workers who provide emergency messaging and other services.  This is the first of a series of video dairies recorded by Red Cross workers living overseas among U.S. troops.  Cameras are located in the Iraqi cities of Tikrit, Baghdad and Balad, and in Afghanistan and Kuwait. 

The American Red Cross is dedicated to serving members of the United States Armed Forces and their family members.  The Red Cross provides service wherever military members and their families are located—in communities, on military installations in the states and overseas and in areas of military field engagement. 

The American Red Cross is not a government agency. We rely on the assistance of caring supporters like you to deliver our critical services. You can support U.S. military members and their families through the American Red Cross as we provide assistance and comfort. Your gift will support the nationally coordinated Red Cross services provided to military families across the country and to American service men and women located throughout the world. Please make a financial donation to Service to Armed Forces by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or 1-800-257-7575 (Spanish). Contributions may be sent to the American Red Cross Service to Armed Forces, P.O. Box 91820, Washington, DC 20090. Internet users can make a secure online contribution by visiting www.redcross.org.

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