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Disaster Proof Pantry
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By Carey Beth Elder, American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter
July 26, 2011
Surviving a storm, power outage or large disaster is simple if you know several tips to be prepared. The challenge often lies in the days ahead, but being prepared for the days to come is easy if you've stocked your pantry with non-perishable food. Often people forget about having non-perishable food ready for the days following a disaster. Did you know you should have at least a three day supply of non-perishable food? You must also have a three day supply of water, one gallon per person, per day. These tips create a baseline for you to begin to prepare your pantry for disaster.
Non-perishable food suggestions:
Canned meats, soups, vegetables and fruits
Peanut Butter
Trail mix
Energy or granola bars
Pudding cups
Dried fruit
Dehydrated foods
Food tips:
Avoid foods that will make you thirsty. Choose low-sodium items such as whole grain cereals and canned foods with high liquid content.
Visit a camping or hiking store, they offer a better selection of dehydrated foods that are also non-perishable and are easy to prepare.
Stock items that are ready to eat and do not require refrigeration, cooking, water or special preparation.
If you stock foods that require refrigeration after opening try purchasing small containers that can be used in one or two servings. This will prevent them from going bad.
Have a manual can opener for canned items.
For families on a budget, buy one extra non-perishable food item each week to add to your disaster food supplies.
For more information about disaster kits and preparedness click here.
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