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Red Cross Volunteer Roman Marin Jr. is Committed to Serving Military Members and Their Families
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By Carey Beth Elder, American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter
December 6, 2010
Roman Marin Jr. served in the military for 20 years fighting in Korea and Vietnam in the U.S. Air Force. Now, he is able to shake the hands of men and women departing and returning from the battlefield at Travis Air Force Base with his job at the Red Cross. Marin is currently the chair of Travis Air Force Base Red Cross volunteers.
Marin was asked to volunteer for the Red Cross when he had some extra time, after looking into it he was more than willing to volunteer for anything they needed. He began working in the pharmacy handing out medicine and checking inventory because it’s tedious work and as a former airman he enjoyed it. Now working in the office at Travis Air Force Base he says, it’s great being able to help the military members and families when they are sick or injured. They are also able to relax in the Wounded Warrior Lounge at the base with books or television. Everything in the lounge is geared towards the comfort of service men and women.
“When I was overseas my father had a heart attack, the Red Cross contacted me so quickly and brought me home, I always tell the guys that if anything bad happens to contact the Red Cross because they are so good at getting in touch with families back home in emergency situations,” Marin said.
Marin also works with the Holiday mail for Heroes program that sends letters to active service men and women. Marin began volunteering with this program last year and plans to volunteer again this year. “Holiday mail for Heroes is a great program; I would have loved it when I was in the military. People’s letters have so much imagination and love, it’s really important to give soldiers little thoughts of home,” he said. Last year people gathered from all over the Bay Area to sort letters and send them to service men and women nationally and overseas.
Volunteers interested in participating in Holiday Mail for Heroes should definitely contact the Red Cross, Marin said. There is a job for everyone and Holiday mail for Heroes is a great way to reach out to military service members during the holiday season. Working with the Red Cross and its volunteers is Marin’s favorite part of his job. He says, “Their enthusiasm and willingness to work is inspiring.”

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